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Hello! I’m Sumit Ghosh, a computer science major studying at IIT Delhi. You might’ve seen me as SkullTech in some parts of the interwebs.

You can check out the portfolio of my programmer self here. You can read about my human self and my online presence in the about page. Drop me a mail at if you want to talk.

Oh and I also have another blog where I post half-baked random musings, if that’s your thing, feel free to check it out.


Here are some curated articles. It might be new, popular, or just an article I'm proud of. Go to archive for all of my posts.


Machine Learning Model Management in 2020 and Beyond


Creating a VM using Libvirt, Cloud Image and Cloud-Init


Virtualization and Hypervisors :: Explaining QEMU, KVM, and Libvirt


Building a Serverless Price Tracker for Amazon and Flipkart using AWS


Building a Serverless URL Shortener using Lambda, S3 and Cloudfront


Hijacking Library Functions and Injecting Code Using the Dynamic Linker


Using Uftrace to Trace Dynamic Library Calls


Listing External Functions Used// Exported by Executables and Shared Libraries


Parsing Dictionary-Like Key-Value Pairs Using Argparse in Python


Accessing Linux Partitions from Windows through a VM and Samba


Cryptanalysis Cheatsheet :: Notes from Overthewire Krypton


Multiprocessing vs. Threading in Python: What Every Data Scientist Needs to Know


Demystifying @decorators in Python


Embed a Metasploit Payload in an Original .apk File | Part 2 — Do it Manually

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