The Best (arguably!) Introductory Algorithms and Data Structure Course

Algorithms Part 1 and 2 by Princeton University on Coursera

The title suspiciously sounds like an advertisement or paid promotion, doesn’t it? I know it does, but still, believe me or not, it’s not. I just completed the introductory Algorithms and Data Structures course Algorithms Part 1, and I can say confidently that it is one of the, if not... [Read More]
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Boyhood. Through Some Quotes.

Or rather, how it touched me

After watching Boyhood for the second time some days ago, I realized, again, how awesome this film is. I won’t go about in length how this film is a marvellous achievement in storytelling, shooting with the same actors over a period of 12 years, but rather I’ll write about how... [Read More]
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How I fixed My Hacked WordPress Blog: Restoring the Content

I made my blog Techkernel quite some time back, but I never took it seriously. I made a very small number of posts, and never bothered to maintain the blog properly. I just moderated the comments, never bothering to reply them (I know, I’m a terrible person). I also did not... [Read More]
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Ethical Hacking and The Hacker Culture

Nowadays most of us have heard the term Ethical Hacker due to ‘hacktivist’ groups like Anonymous gaining popularity in the media. But what exactly is Ethical Hacking? We have a general idea that it means hacking without any malicious intent, or more simply the kind of hacking the ‘good guys’... [Read More]
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Email | Structure and How to Trace it

We all have received fake spam mail telling us that we’ve won million dollars at some point in our life. Maybe one day you receive a threatening email or a simple phishing mail, and you want to find out who did it so that you can hack him in return.... [Read More]
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