If you are a netizen like me and obsessed with torrenting stuff, then you may have already come across cloud torrent downloaders. These are sites which help you download torrents through your browser over HTTP. The way it works is, the website downloads the torrent to their server (or the cloud, as some would like to call it), and then lets you download it from their server to your computer. That way, you don’t have to torrent it directly yourself. Basically, the website acts as middleman.

These sites come very handy when you’re in a network where torrenting is banned. This is usually the case with intranets such as workplaces and universities; rather than dealing with individual pirating cases, they just ban torrents altogether.


I’ve tried a few cloud torrent downloader in the last 2 years after coming to college. Among them was ZbigZ, Bitport and Seedr. I wasn’t willing to shell out money for this service, so I was looking for the alternative whose free plan would be the best. And that’s why I ended up going with Seedr. It gives 2 GB of space for free users, and you can expand it up to 5 GB through various methods, like sharing it on social media and so on. The only downside to Seedr I’ve noticed is it’s rate limiting, it limits the download speed for each file you download. It doesn’t limit the total download bandwidth though, so you can download multiple files parallelly, each getting the download speed a solo one would’ve got, effectively circumventing the speed limit.

If you are need of a such a cloud torrent downloader, I’d suggest that you go with Seedr. Here is my referral link through which you can register, which will grant you 500MB extra space ;)

  • All links to Seedr in this article are referral links, which will give you an additional 500MB space for free! Here’s a link without referral.