I like to indulge in philosophy—broaden my understanding of the human condition and the various socio-political issues we’re laden with. Recently I’ve come to understand that becoming a more knowledgeable individual by itself doesn’t amount to much, not unless I do something with it. As a thinking individual, writing down my thoughts and sharing them with the netizens is the least I could do. As Noam Chomsky said,

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY of intellectuals to speak the truth and to expose lies. — The Responsibility of Intellectuals, Noam Chomsky

Besides, I’ve always found that writing down my thoughts helps me a lot: helps me come to terms with my thoughts, face them, and understand them. If I don’t write them down, they start building up, which leads to general discontent and anxiety. This is especially true of negative thoughts. In the case of positive thoughts, well, writing them down is essential too because having them in written form is a massive help at times of crisis.

But I already have a blog, so why did I create another one?

  • Well, my official blog is not just a blog; that’s my personal website cum portfolio too. In my job applications and resumes, I frequently link to it. I am developing some unorthodox anti-capitalist, socialist—anarchist political opinions lately, and I can’t help but fear that expressing them on my professional blog would scare away potential employers. That’s one of the main reasons I thought of this blog, a separate, anonymous blog that isn’t linked to my identity directly—i.e., an employer wouldn’t come across this on a background check.
  • I try to maintain a high standard of the posts I make there in my official blog, so I refrain from writing short posts on half-baked ideas there. But writing long-form blog posts on mature thoughts is very hard: first of all, forming mature thoughts is difficult in itself, moreover writing them down properly is a tough task too for a newbie writer like me. That’s why I’m planning to use this blog as an endpoint for getting my immature ideas out.

So, let’s see how this goes!

Update — I’ve since decided to make this blog unanonymous, see this post for details.